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31 Days Of Kindness: Cut Yourself Some Slack

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Today, on the last of the 31 Days, I’m sharing my very favorite tip for showing kindness, both to yourself and to others.

With so much busyness, so many things that we are all trying to do, let’s cut ourselves some slack.

Take some time to think about what is truly important-family, friends, our personal health and loves. Choose to let go of the stress.

On this, the final day of kindness, choose one thing to skip. Give yourself permission to ignore it.

Perhaps it is leaving dirty dishes in the sink so you can get to bed earlier. Maybe it is ordering takeout, or going out, because you are so tired from your day. Maybe it is watching a movie or reading a book with your kids instead of doing laundry.

This isn’t everyday-just once in awhile, choose to let something go to make your life a little bit better and easier.

How will you cut yourself some slack?

(Writing every day for the month of October and participating in the 31 Days has been a wonderful experience! Thank you all for following along and commenting, and I hope I have inspired you a little bit.)

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