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Staying Organized-A Peek Into My Bloomsbury Filofax

Filofax Organization at TheFunMommy.com

How do you organize your days? To do list, calendar, looseleaf planner, your phone? Do you have a system that works for you?

I’m a bit of a Filofax freak myself. I love the convenience of picking a planner and then being able to customize what I put in it. I love that I can keep certain pages from year to year, and I love that I can switch the calendar out if something isn’t working for me. I’ve been using a Filofax for…oh my, I guess about seven years now. Before that I used Moleskine, various generic planners, a few other ring binders (one that was black and suede and that I wrote all over in silver pen, I thought I was super cool), and had a brief fling with a PDA.

My current setup is always evolving slightly, but I’ve had a fairly stable system for awhile and I feel like it works for me. I love reading all the various planner/Filofax posts that I see every week, and I have even written a few myself in the past, at my now defunct site Simplify To Save. The subject seemed pretty well covered in the blogosphere, but then 2 out of 4 of my readers requested a planner post-so who am I to argue with the masses? (Is it 2 out of 4? Or maybe 2 of my 4 readers? I’m unclear. Oh well.)

I’m currently using a personal size Bloomsbury in pink. Perhaps some of the more Filofax savvy people out there can help me-I feel like this has very small rings. Is that something was part of the Bloomsbury line, or is this actually a compact as I am suspecting?

Bloomsbury Filofax at TheFunMommy.com

The Bloomsbury is a gorgeous planner. I bought it on a bit of a whim-I have a “Filofax” alert set up for eBay, and one day this popped up. It simply said “Filofax binder” and included a couple photos, but I was able to enlarge them enough to see that the print inside read “Personal Bloomsbury”. It was leather and at $4.99 (!), so how could I pass it up? I figured I would use it for storage, because I was really stuck on my Malden.

Then it arrived.

Ahhh, it was so pretty! I loved my Malden but the second I received this in the mail, I knew I had to make it work. The small rings were an issue at first, but I hacked ruthlessly, cutting out whole sections. I eliminated everything that I didn’t need to carry with me when I left the house, and I was left with a slim(ish) binder. I love the internal pocket setup, and it has TWO pen loops!! Best of all, the rings are tight and perfect. I thought that the rings on my Malden were good-then I felt this set, and they close so perfectly and with such a good snap.

Filofax Bloomsbury layout @ TheFunMommy.com

The inside front has a lovely pocket, just the style I like. It’s easy to stuff papers in there to deal with later-I try to clean it out on a regular basis. I also keep a few mementos as well as some cash in here. I don’t use this as my only wallet, but I carry my debit card, license, etc in a small keychain pouch so I have a few things in my Filo that don’t fit in there.

The black plastic insert is from Franklin Covey-I believe it’s called a page lifter? I have some Instagram stickers there as well as my contact info. If I have made any notations on sticky notes, I’ll put them here until I have a chance to input them.

Filofax Organization at The Fun Mommy

After the page lifter, I have a clear pocket that I use to ┬ástore my personal info sheet, and on the back I have my sticky notes. Shoved inside are the kids’ immunization records, which I need more often than you would think. I also have a few blank pages for notes stuck in here.

Filofax Organization at The Fun Mommy blog

The first section I have is information. This is a mishmash of info, containing a few things that I like to have with me at all times. Notes on the kids growth and development, a running list of questions for the doctor, important dates, insurance numbers, list of meals, and a few other “don’t forget” items.

Next I have addresses, with a set of pages that has followed me ever since my first Filo. They were briefly filed away when I was using an A5 size but were quickly returned to their rightful place.

The main section of my Filofax is the diary section. This is where I spend most of my time, and this area contains my daily pages and my monthly planner.

I use two different kinds of diary pages-day on one page (printed from the My Life All In One Place site-the minimalist layout) and month on two pages.

Daily Planner Organization at The Fun Mommy


I’ll show you a picture of a future date, because my used pages have too much personal info all over them. I do certain things on certain days of the week-in this case, on Mondays I always vacuum, dust, and mop the floors. When I put new pages in I take a few minutes and write these things in to make sure I stay on task.

The daily page is where I keep my everyday notes, to dos, and any reminders. My appointments are noted on there as well, but it’s difficult to find them when I’m flipping through, so that’s what the monthly pages are for.

Filofax organizing with a helper at TheFunMommy.com


Sometimes I have a little Filofax helper who draws me pictures! You can see that an “in use” page has a lot more written on it.

I use the monthly sheets to track things that are happening on a specific day, and I also make some notations about things that have happened in the past-for example, marking a sick day or the day that our windshield cracked. There are no to dos in this section, no notes on dinners, no “extras”, simply an overview of what commitments we have as a family.

Filofax Monthly Planning at The Fun Mommy

I keep two Filofax today markers in my diary section, one for the current daily page and one for the current month. If I have a to do or a note for the daily page, I can easily flip there to reference it-if I’m out and about and I need to make an appointment, I can jump to the monthly page and get an overview of the future.

In the very back I have a small finances section. I used to carry a lot more in this section, but I realized it was really unnecessary so I took a big chunk out. Now all that remains is a few notes about bills owed, a record of our credit score, and a check register. I still keep track of our account on paper and balance it to the penny! I have found that I need to keep track of things this way, as attempting to go digital was the road to ruin and overdrawn accounts.

After the finances I have two business card holders that contain insurance cards for the kids and I-again, something that like to have on hand but that I don’t need to have in my little wallet.

Filofax Bloomsbury at TheFunMommy.com

Perhaps my favorite part of this binder is the zip pocket in the back! I love the quality of the zip and the little flap that covers it, and the added elastic at the edge means that you can actually reach in and retrieve things.

And what do I keep inside, you ask?

Organizing a Filofax at TheFunMommy.com

My secret is out-I am a stickeraholic! Is there a program for this sort of addiction? Do I really want to be cured?

Filofax & Stickers at TheFunMommy.com

These gorgeous stickers are from Joey Design. I love them!

There you have it, all that is contained in my Filofax! I have exactly what I need to manage my days, and I am very pleased with my system. How do you plan your days? What tools do you use? I’d love to hear!

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10 Responses to Staying Organized-A Peek Into My Bloomsbury Filofax

  1. Love the post. I use my personal Malden als my main planner and also as my wallet. In this planner I have my WO2P voor appointments and to do’s at work. I have a monthly calender where I can put some specific appointments I have a clear overview of it. And also I track my spending in this planner. In my A5 Finshley I have a section for the water, electricity and gas. I take every sunday the meter up and write it in the planner. I have a also the mane finance section in here. Everthing from the Malden goes here. On my WO2P I have per day postits with the jobs that has to be done that day. Also I write the meal plan for the day on this pages. I have a section for recipes. That is how I get organized.

  2. I want to use a ring binder, and keep trying, but the little ones are too little and the big ones are too big. Right now, I am using a hybrid of a bound planner from Target, a menu/grocery organizer from Thirty-One gifts, and an old Bible case for holding everything together. It’s a sad little combo, but it’s working. Still, I’m jealous of how pretty yours is.
    Kristy recently posted..Meat and Cheese on a BudgetMy Profile

  3. Cute planner! And I love the pic of your little boy… we’ll have to start a junior filofax lovers group. :)

  4. [...] my Filofax post, I talked a little bit about how I plan my weekly tasks out by writing them on the individual page. [...]

  5. I’ve been curious how you do this. It’s nice to see. If love to get that organized. Maybe after baby comes I’ll try. Hehe :)

  6. I’m a college student and a momma, so I would love to get into getting more organized!!! Problem is that I can’t find any Filofax bloomsbury!! ); why is that?

  7. GAH! I love it!! I am debating on getting a Filofax!! They look so wonderful and organized!! Are you still using this system? What would you tell a “newbie” about it?

    • I would definitely recommend one! I use a very similar system, still in the Bloomsbury with just a few tweaks. I would say to start with something inexpensive, either a lower end Filo or something similar, and then try out as many different kinds of inserts as possible. There are tons of printable options out there. I think the key to using your Filofax is having the right inserts!

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