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Having One Of Those Days? Rescue Yourself!

What, is piling different from folding? Because some days it looks the same to me.

We all have those days where we’re drowning in laundry, chores, and kids. I know I do, all the time. The trick is to push past it and rescue yourself, remembering that this a fluke day and it will be over soon. But how?

1. Take a breather

If you’re running in circles, not only are you going absolutely nowhere but you are also tiring yourself out. Take a step back, make a cup of tea or coffee, and let yourself calm down. You may have to do this by parking the kids in front of the TV. That’s okay. They will live.

While you’re sitting, think a bit about what it is you really need to accomplish. What absolutely must be done? Start to mentally sift through the rubble that is your house and think of what you have to finish today.

2. Make two lists

Two lists? Yup. This is key, mainly for the benefit of your sanity and your ego. On your first list, write down everything that you absolutely without fail must get done. Do not add on little extras that you would like to take care of. Example: your kitchen is a disaster, with paper clutter everywhere, dishes piled high, and questionable leftovers in the fridge. Just hit the high points-wash the dishes, toss those takeout containers in the trash, and scoop the papers into a pile. This is not time for a full scrub down or a paper organizing extravaganza. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted.

On the second list, write down everything that you have already done. Take a glance over that list, and think about what you have already handled. Put it into perspective. Avoid thinking that all you did today was change diapers and clean up messes. Instead, remember that every diaper changed and nose wiped was a necessary task for the well-being of your child. List every little thing that you have finished that day, little as it may seem, and let that motivate you to power through list one.

3. Set a timer

Once you have your game plan, set a timer. Or if your kids are still watching TV, use that. 22 minutes of Dora on Netflix can be enough time to straighten your home if you move quickly. Grab your list and power through one room at a time, hitting only the necessary things.

Remember, this is only for today. You can come back tomorrow and clean/organize/file things exactly the way you want to. Today, right now, your goal is to get on top of your most important tasks.

4. Let go

You’ve buzzed through the house, completing only the most necessary tasks. Your home may not sparkle but it’s not threatening to mold. It’s not photo worthy but it is safe to walk through. For now, that’s all you need. Look around, acknowledge that it was a bad day, and move on. Remember that you are not perfect. Vow to get up tomorrow and make that day better than today, relax, and just let go.


How do you deal when you have “one of those days”?

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