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I Don’t Want To Forget: August 2012

To my darling children,

There are times when you frustrate me, when you upset me, when you wear me out. When those times come that’s all that I can think of, how tired, how sad, how stressed I am. But I know that when I look back on this time in our lives I will want to remember so much more.

I can’t say that I will remember only the good things, but when I look back the hard times will have faded in my memory.

Orion, my little man,

You crack up me and I can’t remember anymore what it was like to live without your constant chatter. Just this morning you ran to me, complaining because “Mommy! Evelyn put her toe in my nose!”. Say whaaat? And before that, when you woke up, you ran to tell daddy that you had woke up in the middle of the night and I had changed your diaper, into an “orange diaper daddy, one with velcro”. When did you learn to talk so much?

I don’t want to forget how you ask me to lay down next to you when I tuck you in.

I don’t want to forget how you ask me to tell you a story about ___________, and then listen intently at whatever I can come up with on that subject.

I don’t want to forget how sweetly you try to help me in the kitchen.

I don’t want to forget how you run to baby Jocelyn whenever she cries, and how you try to sing and dance so she will quiet down.

Evelyn, my precious,

You are crazy and wonderful. Your personality is so huge, and yet you are so easygoing, so agreeable. Whenever your brother gets upset and wants something you have, you are happy to give up and use something else-but you still know how to dig in your heels and be stubborn.

I don’t want to forget how every time you see the camera, you make this crazy face and shout “cheese!”.

I don’t want to forget how you suddenly learned how to put words together, and every day you seem to be talking more.

I don’t want to forget how you call Meijer “Maymar”.

I don’t want to forget how every time we run out of something, you go to the top of the stairs and shout something like, “Juice! Go! Maymar!”

I don’t want to forget how you are in the middle of a phase of putting “ee” on the end of everything. Juiceee! Milkee! Buckee! (Buckle, in case you were wondering.)

I don’t want to forget how you cheerfully greet everyone and everything-and then are equally happy when we leave, shouting out your goodbyes.

 Jocelyn, my baby,

You keep surprising me every time I turn around. From the moment of your birth, when you decided that the side of the highway was the best place to be born, you continue to show me new things. I thought that since you are my third child I had this baby thing down-not even close.

I love the way your little face looks, all squishy and happy, after you fall asleep in my arms.

I love how you have started sleeping 7 hours in a row at night. You are seriously amazing.

I love how you are getting more and more alert, and sometimes I see you staring at me, trying to figure out who I am and what I’m doing.

I love your little snores at night, and the noises and movements you make when you are first waking up.

I love how you just snuggle into me when I put you in the wrap, and immediately go to sleep.


To my children, my gorgeous, wonderful children, I love you so much. I can’t wait to see what I learn about you next.


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  1. Beautiful.

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