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Love List #29

Have you read this post? It’s been all over the place. Definite food for thought: FYI (If you’re a teenage girl) And then a great response: Dear Mrs. Hall, Regarding Your FYI. I don’t read either of these bloggers regularly, so I’m hesitant to comment on the character of the authors and their choices-but I do think they are raising some great points. Then I found another great response, from Kristen, who secretly reads my mind.

As a new homeschool mom, I’m reading everything I can about teaching and learning styles, and this post about the differences in Eastern and Western classrooms is fascinating.

I was just thinking the other day about how different it is with my one year old this time around-she seems so little, so teeny, but I remember when my four year old was that age he seemed so grown up. Then I found this post and it totally put my thoughts into words.

Mandy and Jeff from Dollars and Roses have started a great podcast about blogging that I can’t get enough of. I’m listening to it right now, actually. They have a great speaking style and you feel like you are sitting right next to friends having a little chat over coffee.

Since having a regular discussion about our finances is one of my goals for the year, this post from Money Saving Mom about Budget Meetings was a great one.

Lastly, The Nester is hosting her yearly linkup during October-31 days of writing on whatever topic strikes your fancy. Although I’m absolutely not sure that I can do it, I’m kinda thinking of trying. If you’re a blogger, have you participated before?

What are your don’t miss posts this week?

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  1. Thanks for the link and so glad you like our podcast. :)
    Jeff Rose recently posted..How a $75 Parking Ticket Almost Ruined My LifeMy Profile

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