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Love List #4

I have been so busy this week with the Flats and Handwashing Challenge, I’ve barely had time to read about or do anything else! My “to read” list is overflowing, but I weeded through it this morning and found some gems.

Take Control of Time Out-DIY Calming Jar

I love this idea! I prefer to think of time out as less of a punishment and more of a time to just sit and calm down, so this is perfect for us.

Encouraging Passionate Learning-Even When It’s Not Your Thing

What do you do when your kid is really interested in learning about something that is really not interesting to you? Or worse, creeps you out? (The example in the article is toads!)

Increase Your Odds of Having a Good Day

This is a simple but great step by step guide to improving your day. I’m definitely trying it!

Everything is Prettier When You Cloth Diaper

I couldn’t end up a week of writing about cloth diapers without including at least one link about cloth! It’s true….cloth diapers are so much prettier than disposables!



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