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Retrospect On 2012

2012 Year In Retrospect

I wanted to do a quick recap of the great year of 2012. It’s certainly been an exciting year for us! I was very sporadic in my posts for the beginning of the year, so much of this new!

January kicked off with us still living in North Carolina, but seriously trying to move back to Michigan. Pregnant with our littlest, we had just announced we were expecting but we had decided to wait to find out if we were having a boy or a girl. I published my first post on this site, all about my 2012 goals.

Orion packing

With the month of February came a new job and a three year old! It was a wonderful month and we arrived back in Michigan, wearing sandals during a blizzard and full of hope about this new step. We ended the month with Tim at his new job, a new apartment in sight and our first ear infection (Orion).

kids on the deck

March saw us moving into our apartment after staying with family for a few weeks, Tim settling into his job and the kids and I settling into our home. We discovered that Orion was allergic to amoxicillin and ended up back at urgent care with hives. My parents visited and bought the kids new beds, just in time for us to get the crib ready for the new baby.

Orion with hives

It was during April that I returned to blogging, after taking a hiatus to move and get settled. I posted the first Love List and, after a particularly frustrating outing to a local mall, a small rant concerning my stroller.

april family photo

During the month of May I participated in Dirty Diaper Laundry’s Flats & Handwashing Challenge. For seven days I used only flat diapers and handwashed them. I learned many valuable things, mainly how much I loved my washer and that it was acceptable to make your kids wash clothes.

flats challenge

Next up was June and with it came a trip to visit my parents, the last big trip before I had the baby. While I was gone I ran my Traveling With Kids series. I was still trying to figure out how to blog regularly while I had two kids, and I was about to add one more to the mix. The best news arrived at the end of the  month, when we found out that Evelyn could go off her anti-seizure medication.


July brought about our 7th wedding anniversary and, finally, three days overdue, the birth of our daughter Jocelyn Sydney. She decided to be a drama queen and was born on the side of road in our van.

Jocelyn newborn


The month of August was a blur as I attempted to learn how to parent three children. Our big girl got even bigger, turning two and loving it. We took the kids (and me) to the zoo for the first time, I talked about what I never wanted to forget, and I began to get my bloggy rhythm going.


With September came the visits of my parents as well as my sister and niece. It was a busy month! I kicked off my weight loss journey and wrote about letting go of perfection.


During October I was excited to attend the Graco Baby event at Babies R Us, dye my hair red and win some pretty stuff. My 3-year-old showed some ingenuity and then I taught him to sew.


I may have gotten a bit older during November-I also got a little less sleep and went Black Friday shopping on Thursday. It was a bad decision and someone needs to help me remember to never do that again.

sibling love

December finally brought about some snow and I learned a little bit about contentment. I talked about my goals for 2013 and my plans for being a better mother. Family was in the forefront as we spent a week with my parents and we welcomed a new nephew.

evelyn snow

2012 started with us having a very tough time as a family-stuggling with our location and a difficult job situation. This has been an amazing journey to a new area, new job, and new outlook. It was a very trying and yet very rewarding year, and I can’t wait to see what 2013 will give us!

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  1. Great Recap! What a difference a year makes. Beautiful family and beautiful job keeping up with it all!
    Miranda H recently posted..Tiny Baby SpacesMy Profile

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