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Traveling With Kids-Coming Home

After all the fun and excitement of traveling, it can be very difficult to come back down to the realities of life. This is especially true if you are a kid who thrives on routine! When you’re traveling with kids you have to consider not only the trip but the return home. What should you think about?

Prepare your kids

Let them know while you are still on vacation that you will be going home soon. Just a casual comment that “we will sleep here two more nights, then we’ll be heading home!”, or “tonight we sleep here, and then tomorrow we are going to be back at our house!” will keep them involved and let them know what is up.

It’s also a good idea to remind them of what will be going on once you get there. If they will be going back to daycare or school, or you will be going back to work, let them know. Young children might start getting the idea that you never have to go back to work-which is probably not an option.

Plan your arrival

Think about what time you will be getting home. Try not to arrive home right at naptime or bedtime, as your kids might have slept on the way or not want to go right to bed after being strapped in the car all day.

If you’re returning from long trip, you probably cleaned out your refrigerator before you left to avoid the danger of scary leftovers and spoiled milk. If you did, plan to stop at the store or arrange for a wonderful friend to stop by with some fresh groceries. You could also consider including a takeout dinner in your vacation budget so you don’t have to worry about cooking in the midst of unpacking. If the kids are upset about the end of vacation, having an extra special or favorite meal can help ease the transition.

Pad your time

If at all possible, my ultimate tip about coming home is to give yourself an extra day! It’s incredibly difficult to switch gears and return to everyday life, especially if you’re a kid. You may not want to give up that coveted day of vacation, but having the time to relax and catch up is definitely worth it. You should use this day to decompress and ease back into everyday life, so make sure you do some fun activities as a family in addition to laundry!

I hope you have enjoyed the Traveling With Kids series! What tips do you have for traveling with your kids?

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  1. Great suggestions!!!!

  2. Hello I know you are busy with having another child and all but I need to read more wisdom from you soon! I finished all three books I borrowed and now have nothing to do but stalk you until you give in and entertain me!!

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